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noun (2) 1. : a continuous train of a combustible substance enclosed in a cord or cable for setting off an explosive charge by transmitting fire to it. 2. or less commonly fuze : a mechanical or ....

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A fuse is an automatic means of removing power from a faulty system; often abbreviated to ADS (Automatic Disconnection of Supply). Circuit breakers can be used as an alternative to fuses, but have significantly different characteristics. Contents 1 History 2 Construction 3 Characteristics 3.1 Rated current IN 3.2 Time vs current characteristics.

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fuse, in electrical engineering, a safety device that protects electrical circuits from the effects of excessive currents..

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Jan 5, 2018 . Fuses are the protectors, these are the safety devices which are used to protect the home appliances like televisions, refrigerators, computers with damage by high voltage. The fuse is made up of thin strip or strand of metal, whenever the heavy amount of current or an excessive current flow is there in an electrical circuit, the fuse melts and ....

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As a noun, fuse refers to a safety device designed to protect electrical equipment from melting or catching on fire. A fuse usually resembles a small rod or wire that is designed to melt from the ....

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A fuse is an electric / electronic or mechanical device, which is used to protect circuits from over current, overload and ensure the protection of the circuit. Electric fuse was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1890. There are many types of fuses, ....

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verb Definition of fuse 1 as in to combine to come together to form a single unit our two local teams fused into a larger regional team Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance combine connect unite coalesce unify conjugate couple join splice interfuse conjoin mate marry associate yoke cluster reconnect confederate compound chain link (up) recombine hook.

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